We entered this wonderful place that some people call “the internet” with only one purpose, and that is to make your life easier. How? Well if you are like us, and you wanna buy something good online. Than you have to search 100 of products, read reviews, comments and so on. Only to find one product, the best product and this is the product you want of course. Well, say goodbye to this problem because Waste A Moment does all the research for you. The only thing you need to do from now on, is open the internet & search for an legen…wait for it…dary list that we provided for you. And enjoy the best products on the market in one simple & awesome list.

about us

Jack Holliday
CEO / Founder / designer / social media

Hellow there. My name is Jack L. Holliday and I’m the Founder / CEO / Designer / Father of this awesome litttle place on the world wide web. I created waste A Moment for two reasons. Numero uno: because I wanted to help more people find only the best products on the internet. And second reason: I was bored.

about us

Luna Kold
Public relations / Customer Support

Hello people on the internet. My name is Luna L. Kold and I handle the social media & customer support. So if you have a question or you just wanna talk to me, then you are free to send me an email. The handsome man next to me, probably with his tongue out ( He always does that on pictures haha). Jacky jack the founder of Waste A Moment and my boyfriend, so hands off ladies:)