About us

Hello out there! Glad you could make it. On our little playground. We, that’s Johanna and Ben. In 2020, we started this first joint project. Without really knowing where it would take us and what we actually want to achieve. If you feel like it, you can find out more about us, the founders and authors of Waste A Moment here. Here you can find out more about Johanna and here you can find out more about Ben. Have fun reading.

Chronicle of Waste a Moment

Blogs today are like websites in general. Nobody knows exactly where such a project will take you. Will it still exist in a year’s time? Will it be as much fun as you thought it would be. Maybe it will grow faster than you would like it to. No idea. The future will show, but to make sure that memories don’t fade too quickly in the chaos of projects, everyday life and planning, we have put together a little chronicle here, which we will continue to fill over the course of this project. Hopefully. Our own little story.

08 September 2020
We have decided to move this blog or this little magazine again and give it a new digital home. That’s why we switched to the Münster WordPress-Hoster Raidboxes. So now, Waste A Moment is not only climate-neutral, but even climate-positive. We have also summarised our experiences with the WordPress move with Raidboxes in a blog post. In addition, we have compiled what we consider to be the most important arguments for Raidboxes as a hoster in the article „10 good reasons for your WordPress hosting with Raidboxes“.

03 August 2020
We have registered the domain waste-a-moment.com and wasteamoment.de. Because I find waste-a-moment.com more legible and Johanna wasteamoment more beautiful. Because the .com version was already taken, we took the wasteamoment.de.