10 Cool Pen Holders

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The 10 Cool Pen Holder List

Tropical Pineapple Cool Pen Holder

This pineapple shaped pen/pencil holder is super cute and adds a personal touch to any office space at work or your desk at home!

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Cool Pen Holder Leaky Bucket

Unique desk accessory. Will keep your pens, pencils and stationery tidy and organized
Made of lightweight and durable plastic
Can be used in office to hold pens and other stationery or in bathroom for toothbrushes

Japanese Anime Totoro Style Pen Holder

This cool pen holder is a great & adorable desk decoration or a cute gift for one of you best friends.

$29.00 $12.99 View on Amazon

Wood Carving Elephant Pencil Holder

Stylish designed and top quality subject matter make it attractive, sturdy and durable. Suitable for holding pens, pencils, rulers, cosmetic tools and highlighters to keep your things so as.

Han Cup Pencil Holder

Attractive, detailed hand grasps a cup filled with your pens, pencils and other workplace supplies. Who doesn’t want this cool pen holder on his/her desk?

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Cute Elephant Pen Holder

Classic yet fashion design is fond of the public. Put this cute & cool pen holder on you desk or give it to your best friend as an amazing gift.

Library Books Cool Pen Holder

Decorative pencil holder and desk organizer designed to look like a set of ornate library books. How cool is that? Super Cool!

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Modway Lava Pencil Holder

Lava was once designed for many who appreciate the irony of a cool pen holder.

Cool pen holder

Pencil & Pen Holder Fist

This pen holder fist makes a great gift for father day or to give to you man.

$19.15 $17.96 View on Amazon

Cool pen holder

DecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer Caddy

We end this cool pen holder list with the DecoBros. It lets you arrange Pen, pencils, staples or anything else you want.

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